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Developing a body of work - A Light in the Valley case study

*Venue to be confirmed and Dates to be confirmed


Case study

A Light in the Valley

Explore the fundamentals of Nic's practice as he develops his recent body of work 'A Light In the Valley.'

- Nic shares his experience of working in oils and charcoal, his charcoal techniques, keeping a sketchbook, note taking, working from his field studies, reference and how he begins his studio drawings and paintings for final exhibition.

- Deciding on a theme, time management to build out the collection, planning and curating your first solo exhibition.

* Who is this demo for? Anyone interested in the practice of charcoal drawing, of developing their first solo exhibition, meeting like-minded people, transitioning from field drawings to studio compositions, submitting a studio composition for group shows, working in your sketchbooks and much more.